Pragati MTS


Pragati MTS Mobile Tracker traces a given number & location and gives the service provider details to locate the mobile phone on google maps.

Pragati MTS provides multiple clustered servers and multiple databases to maintain with billion records data servers.

We can track mobiles through IMEI number if it is lost anywhere.Your mobile is in Safe hands with MTS, when you install this app feature.

Pragathi MTS

Pragati MTS application is a tracking application with which you can control track the mobile phones. Using this application we can have variety of tracking systems that are ideal for personal tracking, Child Tracking, Elderly Tracking or Business use like Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management, Truck Tracking.

  • • Track History
  • • Create Geofence
  • • GPS Tracker
  • • Real Time Locator
  • • Mobile Marketing & Banking Systems
  • • Call Management System
  • • Call Control System
  • • Geographical Systems
  • • Data Recovery & Data Collection