Pragati SecureIN


SecureIN is a GPS based application that has been developed for taking care of personal security needs of children, students, nightshift employees and many others, so that their location and safety can be monitored by their care taken and loved ones through easy web monitoring system. Every one ensures the safety of their loved ones. Our SecureIN Locator System helps care takers in securing life's most precious assets.

SecureIN was designed specifically for locating people, valuable things and provides the assurance that their LOCATION can be acknowledged at any time.

Pragati SecureIN

Easily find a wandering child/pet/differently abled person. Validate and assure your teenager that you are there for them where ever they are at any time. Place the locator into a baby stroller and guide the nanny with our SecureIN device, you will never put yourself in a panic mode about your loved one's location and safety. Engineered and designed to be compact and portable, SecureIN tracing systems have clips for easy attachment so that you can clip it on a child's waist belt or simply put the unit in their backpack, pants or jacket pocket. SecureIN locators are noiseless, weigh less than a deck of cards. It is approximately the size of a mobile phone, making it convenient to carry.

Tracing the system data is easy for care takers to view the live streaming data & trace the location in real time through internet. Take advantage of the security & peace of mind knowing you will always be able to assist your loved one.

SecureIN GPS System - Features
  • • The personal GPS tracer looks like student ID card
  • • Real time tracing 24x7 on the web
  • • Real time location updates and history sent via
  • • E-mail and text message alerts
  • • Create safe spots by Geo fencing
  • • The SOS button enables users to send quick location alerts in case of emergency
  • • Two-way communication capability
  • • Light weight, Water proof and Durable
  • • No telephone line or base station is needed
  • • Low battery and power off alerts are sent via e-mail or text messages
  • • No external antenna or wires