Pragati Kiranam


It is our greatest privilege to offer you our ideology behind the evolution of our web based concept called as "PragatiKiranam", the path of ascent The fundamental ideology behind the evolution of PragatiKiranam concept is to project and document the accomplishments and attainments of several well-known achievers as well as the clandestine high flyers of our society, who have laid the well-made path we tread on to this day. Making known the illustrious lives and milestone achievements of the leaders on the path of accent is our commitment and endeavour.

The key concept of our ambitious project is to offer to the future generations their core ideologies and under-takings in their respective fields of accomplishment, Spanning from spirituality to technology and various other diverse fields embedded within our social functioning that have formed, the very base for the evolution of our modern day world as we live in today.

Pragati Kiranam

PragatiKiranam offers a common platform wherein, highly successful people from all walks of life can be documented their path towards glory, which in turn will inspire that raise of a new generation of talented & aspiring young men and women who can be greatly be benefited by their experience and know how. PragatiKiranam provides a highly secured and well monitored web space that enables users to publish their life stories, blog their achievements and upload their photos and videos onto very innovatively designed web template's offered for them .

PragatiKiranam – "Welcome Zone to all Achievers irrespective of Boundaries". The PragatiKiranam application is hosted in a highly available bandwidth location that is accessible from any part of the world and this hosting facility is also provided on unlimited data bandwidth and huge storage capacity PragatiKiranam avails users with a feature that automatically changes the web page template according to the user's preferred dates. This application accompanies another feature where application itself randomly selects web page template periodically from user's preferred group of templates that have been chosen according to the users prerequisites.

PragatiKiranam web application offers personalized options for web casting individual profiles. Our templates are designed in such a way that it doesn't require any technical skills for uploading their profiles other than knowledge of simple English. PragatiKiranam is built with highly professional well experienced development as well as executive team that operates with high integrity and professional ethics thus making us absolutely reliable.

Benefits to the Common People PragatiKiranam is a one stop web based encyclopedia wherein the accomplishments and attainments of several well-known achievers as well as their conductive counter parts high flyers of our society are documented and projected for the benefit of all those who seek to learn and treat the well laid path they have laid for us. Our prime endeavour is to offer to our future generations their individual concepts of success for individual evaluation and personal upliftment. "If you can dream it, you can have it" attitude within them. By throwing light and the stories form their beginnings until they realized their dreams, so that young seekers can expect for ahead of their personal experiences that path towards higher aims in life is self-made and relieves as unquestionable dedication and tireless efforts.