Pragati Bharath

PRAGATI BHARATH is one of the social undertaking under the banner of Pragatipadh with fundamental ideology to project and document the accomplishments and attainments of several well-known politicians as well as the clandestine high flyers of our present political scenario, who have laid the well-made path we tread on to this day.

Until recently, the campaign strategies of political parties centered on public rallies, print, television and radio advertising. But, with the proliferation of Internet, computers and smartphones in the past few years, use of Technology and social media in public as well as private sectors has prompted politicians to look at the potential of the online medium for their campaigning purposes. Most of the younger voters use and share their political views on online political forums and blogs, post political or social material and also encourage others to take action. All in all, it appears that users with the strongest party or ideological ties are more likely to use social media and global networks for political or social purposes, to share political content, "LIKE" something, or try and raise awareness or share their opinions online About Our Cause and Endeavour

Pragathi Bharath

Keeping in view the need for transparency between the voters and the political candidates of their choice. We have come up with the idea of Pragati Bharath that facilitates any user to know who are the nominated candidates for their poll constituency, the political career of the candidate, their future agendas, work done for the benefit of the masses previously etc., and thus help them make an appropriate decision while casting their vote. Pragati Bharath provides a well monitored web space that enables users to publish their life stories, blog their achievements and upload their photos and videos onto very innovatively designed web template's offered for them.

Our Vision, Mission and Purpose

To be a leading campaign partner in providing an internet based, nonpartisan solutions for elections and political campaign, that effectively utilizes technology and political knowhow to enable the candidates to publish their political profiles, their manifestoes and future agendas and to promote campaign awareness and as well as the necessity to vote among all the people of our country.

Our mission is to be leading technology providers of digitalized campaign related services to all the political candidates campaigning for Indian General Election 2018. It is our aim to provide complete technology based solutions to meet all political campaigning needs. It is also our aim to provide transparency between the voters and the candidates by enabling reaching out to different segments of voters instantly and simultaneously, thus increasing the scope for lager participation of people who can make a difference in the political scenario of our country.

Our Services application is hosted in highly available bandwidth location that is accessible from any part of the world and this hosting facility is also provided on unlimited data bandwidth and huge storage capacity. is built with highly professional, well experienced development as well as executive team that operates with high integrity and professional ethics thus making us absolutely reliable. infrastructure supports the application to work around the clock thus eliminating network disorders and ensuring reliability.