Product Return Policy

Product Return Policy

What You Need To Know Before Ordering!

Warranty Returns:

PragatiVTS Products extends a one-year manufacturer's warranty on all GPS tracking products.

Any return(s) due to a warranty-related situation must first be approved by a PragatiVTS Product agent of ( Returns will NOT be accepted under any another conditions.

A PragatiVTS Products will provide shipping instructions and a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#) if the circumstances dictate a warranty-related return is in order. This information must be obtained by the purchaser before any product(s) are returned.

Discontinued Product Returns:

Any product that has been discontinued may not be returned.

Shipping Costs & Responsibility With Returns:

The purchasing party is responsible for any costs associated with product return (postage, insurance, tracking, etc)

It is the responsibility of the purchaser that merchandise does not become damaged, misplaced or lost while being transported. PragatiVTS assumes no liability for merchandise or product(s) that are in transit. We strongly recommend that the purchaser take all measures and precautions to ensure any returned product(s) are transported safely by the purchaser or his/her delivery agent.

Any unauthorized returns, or returns without a valid RMA#, will be promptly shipped back to the purchaser at the purchaser's expense.

Miscellaneous Returns:


Due to the nature of vehicle tracking applications, PragatiVTS Product has 14 calendar days RETURN policy on all GPS products, surveillance systems and equipment.

If under the very unique circumstances a PragatiVTS supervisor finds it necessary to approve a partial or full return, the purchaser will be held completely responsible for all costs associated with shipping, and an additional 30% restocking fee for the purchased product. This option is only available if the device was never used, and the buyer contacts PragatiVTS within 14 calendar days of the product(s) being purchased.

Products or GPS tracking equipment that has been used even once will not qualify for any type of partial or full return, regardless of the circumstances.

The PragatiVTS return policy applies to all orders conducted by the company, regardless if those orders were manually entered by the purchaser or verbally given to a sales representative.

Return policies are always subject to change at the discretion of PragatiVTS.

If you have any questions regarding the return policy, terms and conditions or PragatiVTS Products, please feel free to contact a PragatiVTS representative at any time so a GPS tracking expert can assist you!