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Pragati VTS was founded in 2006, as a seperate vertical in Pragatipadh Informatics Pvt Ltd as a separate business vertical. Pragati VTS team is committed to provide quality tracking systems that integrates seamlessly with your everyday business operations, backed by reliable service and customer support. Pragati VTS staff has the experience and know-how to provide effective tracking solutions for any industry.

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Pragathi VTS

Pragati VTS is a recognized leader in software solutions and professional services that address critical business needs through asset tracking, product traceability and business intelligence. PragatiVTS' s objective is to provide efficient s olutions with low investment coss and short implementation time, giving high ROI for our customers.

PragatiVTS's central business idea is to provide visibility and automate processes. Our products and services empower vital business processes for our customers. Our product traceability solutions address safety, sustainability and market access issues. We enable construction and rental companies to track and manage various tools, equipment, vehicles and containers across warehouses, projects and locations. Information about the location, status, and utilization of equipment is available on the web or on phones, thus enabling cost saving measures. Technology is only as good as its ability to meet your unique needs.

We understand your business is different from any other business and that's why a standard, off-the-shelf tracking system may fall short in doing what you need it to do. By customizing our technology to suit your specific requirements, we can put you at the center of your daily operations. We do this because service is what makes our business a success. We see ourselves not as a service provider but as a business partner.

Over the last five years, this particular business endeavour of Pragatipadh Informatics Pvt Ltd has made a mark in the development of traceability solutions. Today Pragati VTS' has grown as an international player and operates out of several offices collaborating with partners to develop the next generation of traceability tools. Pragati VTS' trace and track solutions have been designed to be standard-based, cost effective, scalable, and secure.

PragatiVTS is committed to uncompromising quality and professionalism, and continuously invests in R&D. PragatiVTS is keen to expand its chain of dealers and establish partnerships and strategic alliances with local partners from across India and also globally.

Our commitment to provide round the clock technical support to all the solutions we offer, to match our clients' requirements, along with continual upgrade of our products and services, is our primary commitment. Besides producing state of the art- for products and services, we would also like to undertake number of different clients.

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