Pragati ShopLinks


Pragati Shop Links (PSL) provides a consolidated listing and cataloguing of retailers and wholesale merchants online, making them easily searched and reached through an advanced and well-designed search criteria. PSL catalogues all the shops and products sold by registered businesses in a city wise categorization system so that smart users can easily locate them and make informed choices.

Pragati Shop Links (PSL) offers a unique and versatile search engine to locate all shops online that are selling goods and services you are looking for in a streamlined fashion, region wise of a selected city. Within seconds one can find the nearest and right vendor through our highly categorized advanced search criteria.

Pragathi VTS
  • • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)/benefits listed below
  • • Add photos, videos, catalogues and menu keys
  • • Add offers and announcements
  • • Track your popularity and manage your product listings
  • • Provide an Online shopping bay
  • • Share E- Catalogues
  • • Get located easily using an Advanced Mapping system
  • • Promote yourself through Digital Marketing
  • • Become visible in Social Media

Our smart search engine provides route maps and guides you to businesses matching your search criteria. From PSL web site, one can locate, compare, contact, reserve, order and pay at the click of a button providing you a time saving and hassle free shopping experience.

Business owners signed up with PSL will receive an online web space providing them with an opportunity to market their products and services to a wide variety of customers.

Businesses can choose from a variety of PSL's eye catching website templates that meet your business needs and stay connected with online shoppers.

Our professionals will customize your templates and host on the internet at no additional cost that makes a great impression which in turn will increase your scope for reaching out to more customers. Earn additional income through advertisements just my making your presence online through PSL. Embark on an Email Marketing Campaign and easily multiply your revenues by sharing your discounts, promotions and latest arrivals through newsletters.

No more waiting for payment. Get paid immediately through our shopping gateway option. Get direct feedback from your customers, tune your supply chain and update your marketing strategies.